Ostara Hyssop Cider

Ostara Hyssop Cider

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Cuvée: Ostara Hyssop
Vintage: N/A
Grape(s): N/A
Appellation: N/A
Region, Country: Niagara, Ontario 
Alcohol: 6.9%
Size: 750 ml
Winemaker(s): Tariq of Revel Cider

Hyssop is an ancient herb related to mint. Its flavour is somewhere in between mint, grassy basil and cinnamon bark.

Ostara Hyssop is a cider aged on golden plums for 8 months, with hyssop grown organically by our friend Nick Querques.

The herb seems to have tamed the plum acid to make this cider much softer in a really interesting way. Ostara Hyssop is a little soft, a little herbal and a little spicy.